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This mural is a recreation of the fresco at The House of the Marine Venus in Pompeii. The scene depicts Venus, the Roman Goddess of Love & Beauty, born of the sea and carried ashore on a cockleshell in the presence of cupids.


This piece has been painted onto a 3ft x 2ft canvas.

I put together a step-by-step project of a fish design mosaic from my second book 'The Trompe L'oeil Bible'. I have reworked the design for this video and have allowed myself a little more time embellishing the details and, as with a lot of my other works, adding a bit of wear and tear.

Orange Tree

This trompe l'oeil piece of a stylised orange tree was painted onto a 2ft x 4ft canvas.

The initial painting is done using just White and Raw Umber - gradually building up the tonal values before any colour is added.

Crumbling Wall

Over the years I have painted this effect many times in my customer's homes and also in a few Italian restaurants where the effect unselfishly lends itself to painted Mediterranean views and the odd trompe l'oeil glass of wine.

It also works especially well in sun-baked conservatories.

Venetian Window

I have always been fascinated with the eclectic facades and contrasting wall textures of the city of Venice and was keen to reflect this in painted form.

Of all the murals & trompe l'oeils I paint, my favourites are always the ones that look worn & derelict. I enjoy the stark contrast when compared to pristine effects like marbling and stone blocking.

Proven├žal Window

This is the demonstration of the painting of a trompe l'oeil window with louvre shutter complete with views of lavender fields.

The bottle of wine is a Chateauneuf-du-Pape which originates from the region.

Notice the use of the string when planning out the perspective on the louvre shutter